Anne-Marie Curry
Councillor Anne-Marie Curry is group leader for the party on Darlington Borough Council and represents the North Road ward. 
Anne-Marie has worked as a buyer for National Savings Durham and London and was also a coach for the junior section of Durham City Harriers, having been an athlete herself. 
Her multicultural upbringing in Uganda and the Netherlands, as well as the north of England, and jobs at Morrison’s and a car factory while bringing up her daughter, means she is in greater touch with the 'real world' compared to some in local government. 
"I've been a councillor for North Road ward for more than 9 years and I feel this gives me a far broader base of experience and knowledge to represent the people of Darlington” 

I serve on the following Committees:

Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee 
Human Resources Committee 
Human Resources Chief Officers Appointments Panel  
Human Resources Panel - Appointments Panel 
Human Resources Panel - Appeals Committee 
LA Governors Appointments Committee 
Corporate Parenting Panel 
Womens refuge
I also represent the Council on the Darlington Community Carnival Committee and SACRE.

17, Westbrook Villas
Telephone - 07531304050

Ward surgeries:
 Morrisons Cafe on North road. 6pm till 7 pm. 
Wednesday 14th March, 2018; Wednesday 11th April, 2018; Wednesday 9th May, 2018; Wednesday 13th June, 2018; Wednesday 11th July, 2018; Wednesday 8th August, 2018; Wednesday 12th September, 2018; Wednesday 10th October, 2018; Wednesday 14th November, 2018 and Wednesday 12th December, 2018.
St Thomas Aquinas Church, North Road. 1pm till 2pm. 
Wednesday 28th February, 2018; Wednesday 28th March, 2018, Wednesday 25th April, 2018; Wednesday 23rd May, 2018; Wednesday 27th June, 2018; Wednesday 25th July, 2018; Wednesday 22nd August, 2018; Wednesday 26th September, 2018; Wednesday 24th October, 2018; Wednesday 28th November, 2018 and Wednesday 19th December, 2018.

Fred Lawton
A Darlington man for 43 years. A LibDem Councillor for North Road Ward for 7 years. 
Married to Helen for 51 years; a grandfather and great grandfather. 
A Rugby Union man.

I serve on the following Committees:

General Licensing Committee 
Licensing Act 2003 Committee 
Members Standards Hearing Committee 

15, Woodlands Terrace
Telephone - 01325 467413

Ward surgeries:
 Morrisons on North road. 6pm till 7 pm. 
Wednesday 10th January, 2018; Wednesday 14th February, 2018; Wednesday 14th March, 2018; Wednesday 11th April, 2018 and Wednesday 9th May, 2018. 
 St Thomas Aquinas Church, North Road. 1pm till 2pm. 
 Wednesday 24th January, 2018; Wednesday 28th February,2018; Wednesday 28th March, 2018, Wednesday 25th April, 2018 and Wednesday 23rd May, 2018

Joe Kelley
I was originally elected to the Council in 2011 to represent the Hurworth Ward. Following the Election in May 2015, I was re-elected.

I serve on the following Committees

Planning Applications Committee 
Darlington Planning Forum 
Corporate Parenting Panel - Named Substitute 
Human Resources Panel (Sitting as a JCC Committee)

2 Welbeck Cottages, 
Welbeck Street, 
Ward surgeries:
Hurworth Grange Community Library 6pm - 7pm 

Thursday 1st March, 2018; Thursday 12th April, 2018; Thursday 3rd May 2018; Thursday 7th June, 2018; Thursday 5th July, 2018; Thursday 6th September, 2018; Thursday 4th October, 2018, Thursday 1st November, 2018 and Thursday 6th December, 2018.